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The tin box packaging now belong to the second generation of tin box

The concept came out two cans is the middle of the 20th century.The tins consists of two parts, namely the body and a tank cover, say two cans.Belongs to a kind of metal cans.

Principle of two pieces of the tank body is sheet metal, through stretch forming die with a punch press, make its tensile deformation, make the tank bottom body together as a whole.

Classification of two pieces of tank body classification has a variety of: according to the height of the body, shallow punching and deep drawing pot;According to the can material, aluminum cans and cans;According to the manufacturing technology, thinning drawing pot and deep drawing with cupping.

Advantages and disadvantages of two cans of relative to three cans, has the following advantages:

Good sealing.Body by drawing process directly, no leakage, leak detection process can be avoided.

(2) to ensure the quality of the product.Two cans not seal welding, to avoid solder pot lead pollution, and high temperature sterilization, can guarantee health products.

(3) save raw materials.Two pieces of tank body forming by tensile deformation, wall thickness is three cans of thin;In addition, the second piece of tank body is overall forming, no body longitudinal seam and the bottom seam, also save the material.   (4) high production efficiency.Two cans of only two parts, and the body simple manufacturing process, to simplify the process, improve the production capacity is of great benefit.

5. The beauty is generous.Body with no seams, aesthetically pleasing, and body can be continuous in packaging printing, the effect is good.

However, two pieces of cans on the material performance, can technology, can equipment such as the demand is higher, the kinds of packing material is less.

Application for packaging of metal cans at present is mainly aluminum cans.Aluminum cans two aluminum alloy thin version as materials, the thinning drawing process has been used in the manufacturing process, so obviously thinner than tank bottom of tank wall thickness.When used in beer packaging, strong inner pressure will make up for the thin wall rigidity.But the metal cans, shading and sealing of high resistance, can let the tank stable quality of beer.And the existence of metal characteristics, is what makes metal cans even with balanced pressure it takes time for high speed filling way of packing can also.

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